Chancing the Circle 1999 Jane Boyd  

light-based installation

The Pantheon, Rome

photo Edward Woodman

Jane Boyd’s work focuses on the interdependence of time, memory and consciousness in the context of the urban environment.  It explores notions of place by examining the invisible boundaries between place and space.  A recurrent medium in her installations is the use of refracted light effected by glass, mirror and water, while in drawing she uses charcoal dust on different surfaces to express the processes of accretion and erosion by which places become redefined over time.

A British artist, Jane Boyd graduated in Fine Art painting and has been working in light-based installation since 1990.  Her work has evolved through a number of prestigious awards and gained her international acclaim in the fields of light-based installation and large-scale drawing.  She was elected Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts 1981-83 at Trinity College Cambridge, Abbey Rome Fellow at the British School at Rome in 1999, Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow 2006 and Brown Foundation Fellow 2011 at Dora Maar House.  Her work, Chancing the Circle, reproduced here in monochrome, was an exceptional site-specific installation in the Pantheon, Rome, a building that has had a profound impact on her work.  She exhibits internationally and her work is represented in private collections, galleries and public museums.  For details of her exhibition history click here.  In 2011 she was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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Jane Boyd

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